Information security, information assurance, cyber-security. Whatever you want to call it,  it all comes down to maintaining the integrity of your systems and making sure that your data remains confidential.

I currently work in the growing Information Assurance field. I have been in the field since 2008, when I took a position with Jacob & Sundstrom as a Network Security Analyst. Since then I have continued to work with J&S (now ICF J&S), growing and expanding my skill-set.

Because much of the work I perform for J&S clients is confidential, I wont describe it any detail. However my skill-set now includes such things as:

  • Network Intrusion Detection
  • Vulnerability Assessment (Blue Team)
  • Accreditation and Assessment
  • Extensive Linux shell scripting.
Prior to my employment with J&S, I worked for MerchantLink (a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase) for almost seven years, My function at MerchantLink was to act as a senior troubleshooter and to handle VIP customers and vendors. I also functioned as the final escalation point for issues that the level II help desk technicians could not solve.

My employment  with MerchantLink gave me extensive customer service and an exposure to the processes involved in developing and adding new services and new businesses to a company.

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